September Goals

It’s Labor Day or September 1st! Where as this year gone? If you are like most people who I talked to this weekend at the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, we were all wondering how time is flying by so fast this year! Don’t worry I will post a recap of the race this week, short version HOT, STEAMY, HOT!

It’s time to post goals, I personally have not been doing well with goals this year, but running/ walking all those miles yesterday gave me plenty of time to think about what the heck I am doing with my life and if I want to keep on this path for the rest of the year. True inner reflection is a huge step for me, and I only find myself doing it when I am at my lowest points in life, which is a shame for I really need to do it during the high times too that way I can learn how to keep the high times going.

Here are my goals:


If you read my post a couple of days ago you already knew most of them. I added in the 100 miles in a month challenge which will help me with my Baltimore Half Marathon training, along with a 30 day photo challenge. I am doing the photo challenge from the ladies over at the Shrinking Jeans.

You are all my backup for if I slack on any of these goals, I only choose a couple this month because I truly feel that I can complete them, but they will also challenge me. Follow me on Instagram at alisue2 for daily updates!

What are your goals for September

Feeling like a chicken with my head cut off…

I am bouncing off the wall this week! Between the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon this week, a great friend coming into town to run the race with me, tearing apart the house cleaning, and really starting to study for my Personal Trainer class. 

First off, I am on a new book in my Ace Fitness Personal Training and just DEFINITIONS is 15 pages!! 15 PAGES! I am completely feeling overwhelmed right now, but I am going to break it up and learn it! It’s all muscles, and body systems but I feel working in the hospital as helped me a little bit more then if I was starting from scratch. 

Second, I am scared to death about the half marathon this weekend. It’s my first race since hurting myself in May, and I am just worried that I will hurt myself while out on the course. I am lucky that my chiropractor is going to be at the event and he is going to be taping up both my knees & my compression pants will help. There is just a little voice in the back of my head is still talking *you are going to get hurt* 

Third, while my friend is in town I have to work, it’s only four hours, but still not cool. If it was an important job, where I was a leader and people looked to me I would be okay with working. Currently I feel like my job is fluff, and it doesn’t matter if I am there or not. Do I feel like the patients care if I am there or not, yes some of them do, do other… I feel sometimes not at all. 

My light in this mess of a week is Chalene Johnson! Right now I am listening to her live on the beachbody youtube channel. She has two new podcast which are both so informational & inspirational~ 

Thank you for my crazy thoughts! Now off to study! 




Revamping my lifestyle, end of summer inner reflection on life

This past weekend I took time for a major inner reflection of my lifestyle and what my personal goals are for life.

I sat down and took a long look in the mirror reflecting on if I am where I want to be in my life at this time. We are working on starting a family and am I happy where I am at, that I am fully am to bring a child into our lives. My answer was truly a slap in the face, because no.. I have been tons of talk/ planning but am I truly doing my plan, and I am not.

Jrod and my two year anniversary is coming in 2 weeks and I am exactly 20 pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day. Is this the best/ healthiest me, NO! , and know I need to get my butt in gear and fully change my lifestyle. It’s hard to see Jrod eat everything he wants and get to workout while at work, he has lost more weight than he gained in Texas and is back to his Navy Seal/ Hawaii weight. Sigh…

Tonight I listened to the first two podcast of Chalene Johnson’s new podcast Turbo Charged Life, and they were amazing. She completely touched on things I am have been thinking about changing in my life, and feel I now have a better plan.

This is a perfect month to work on myself because Jrod already warned me that he will be checked out for the next three months playing Destiny.

Goals for the rest of the year, all of these are self-improvement:


read two self improvement books

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


Tranquilista by Kimberly Wilson

Restart my half marathon training for Baltimore Half Marathon in October

Restart PiYO training by Chalene Johnson, I got through a month of it before I got really sick for two weeks. At the time I had lost 10 inches overall, so I feel this is 100% a go! Also my running and knees improved by leaps and bounds.

Lastly I am going to be super studying my ACE Fitness Personal Training items, my test is the week before the Baltimore Half Marathon so it’s time to get really going on this.  My overall goal with this is to become a personal trainer along with getting my group fitness certification so I will have a job that will travel with us on our Navy adventures.

My overall goal for September is to better my health, along with myself as a person.

What is your personal reflection that is happening with summer coming to an end?



Off the face of the earth

It’s feels like always between May-July of every year I seem to drop off the face of the Earth when it comes to my blog. I first want to thank everyone who is still coming and checking in, and say that I am sorry. 

There is no major reason this year of why I have dropped off, I have to doing TONS and have a huge amount of race recaps, restaurant reviews, and more to up date. It’s just finding the time to sit down and do it, when I would rather be outside or spending time with my love. I am sorry that I have left you all just hanging and will be back with a purpose starting today! 

A fast recap of the past couple of months: 

-Studying to be a personal trainer through ACE Fitness, hoping to also add group class teacher to that too by the end of October. 

- Fulling injuried myself in May 2 weeks before the Delaware half marathon. Jrod still ran it, but I just took a lot of pictures. New goal is to figure out another race for Delaware next year. 

-Randomly signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon later this month. My friend Suzie is coming up from Florida and we are going to run it together. Hoping my body hold up, but rehab is coming along great. 

-Reading self help business books like they are going out of style. Can’t wait to share my reviews, and tips about what I personally found to be truly helpful. 

-Tried out a new company (Modere), it’s not anything like I thought it was going to be and I am working on sending everything back later this week. Getting involved with this company really made me find my focus about how I want my journey to look like, and it’s more towards Health & Wellness products that are truly holistic. 

-Stepping up my training all around and got Beachbody’s newest workout PiYo and I LOVE IT! The first month I lost 11 inches! 

-Working on lots of projects around the house, can’t wait to share them with you all! 

-Really focusing on doTERRA and healing my body, along with helping my friends heal theirs. 

That is just a fast recap, looking forward to posting more this week! What have you all been up to this summer?