Today’s challenge is all about Fear. Fears, we all have them, the main difference is how your fears play into your life. My fears sometimes trap me due to my panic attacks, sometimes I can’t even leave my house to get to the grocery store. Sometimes I understand my fears, and sometimes I am just lost… More Fears

Favorite Quote

I don’t truly have one all time favorite quote, so I thought I would post my favorites.   Okay, I lied.. this has to be my top quote that I have tired to follow for many years.

20 Facts about ME!

For a while I have been quite, it’s been a little overwhelming in life and I have been falling behind on many different projects that I enjoy. One day on break at work, I googled different challenges, really looking for photo a day challenge and along with that I found a ton of blog challenges.… More 20 Facts about ME!

101 in 1001 update

Reflecting on what my goals of the past year have been along with what I have actually finished. I thought it should be time to update the 101 in 1001 list. So far in 2014 I have done the following off my list: 2. Train and complete Disney’s Coast to Coast challenge  Loved this! I… More 101 in 1001 update

5 weeks until the Tucson Half Marathon: Training Plan Week 2

The countdown is ON! Getting closer to my goal of cutting of 15 mins from my Half Marathon time. I am excited that tomorrow is also my measurement day! I will share what I have either lost or gained, but fingers crossed for a lost. I feel smaller & stronger, but the measurements will be… More 5 weeks until the Tucson Half Marathon: Training Plan Week 2