I want to make some of these! Nice to re

I want to make some of these! Nice to relax in the bathtub! Creating a spa-like environment in your home can be done easily using simple household ingredients and essential oils. Bath bombs are a fun way to add excitement while enjoying the benefits of essential oils. They are also entertaining to use and are loved by both kids and adults alike. Learn how to make your own on our blog post: http://doterrablog.com/diy-fast-fizzing-bath-bomb-made-with-essential-oils/

A new way of saving money through online shopping!

Ever since I can remember I’ve genuinely cared about others. My family at a young age instilled this value and I continue even in my older ages to make this a priority.

I’ve recently been introduced to Mōdere which is an online social retail company. This is a NEW INDUSTRY but more importantly it holds value in my personal eyes because now I get to help people threw their vision.

Mōdere is launching a RISK FREE Discovery Box that I want each and everyone of you to be apart of. The part that can HELP you tremendously is simply by you helping yourself and the snowball effect that will take place as you share their link.

DO YOU HAVE 6 friends? I’m sure you have hundreds, well guess what by you getting an invite from ME— you then SHARE it with your friends and earn $150.00 in shopping credits which will be used towards your grocery budget on you everyday essentials to include laundry soap, dish soap, face, health and skin care products. Mōdere’s price point for high performance products are literally so affordable.

Fast forward my life to a now military spouse. I’ve seen so many struggle due to the tight money constraints. It’s not ok, and I FINALLY along with my dynamic group of military spouses want to continue and inspire others and SHOW you the way to SAVE money. I know there isn’t anyone who is TOO good not to save on their grocery budget. We DESERVE more! Our men put their life’s on the line everyday to protect our freedom.

This is a NEW revelation and we are THE START of it. I CARE, WE CARE!

When you get an invite from me to an event, understand it’s not ME bugging you but rather saying, HEY I CARE AND WE ARE GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW TO EARN SHOPPING CREDITS.

My heart is FEELING FULL because I genuinely get to help be part of this launch but more importantly I get to HELP people which is my driving force!!!




Good Evening!

Hi Gang! 

I am so sorry that I have been so quiet these past couple of months. My personal life/ thoughts have been up and down, and I needed to focus on myself for a while. I have been taking TONS of pictures though and having adventures while I have been gone though. Be ready posting re starts this week! 

Anything you all would like to see happen here?