Off the face of the earth

It’s feels like always between May-July of every year I seem to drop off the face of the Earth when it comes to my blog. I first want to thank everyone who is still coming and checking in, and say that I am sorry. 

There is no major reason this year of why I have dropped off, I have to doing TONS and have a huge amount of race recaps, restaurant reviews, and more to up date. It’s just finding the time to sit down and do it, when I would rather be outside or spending time with my love. I am sorry that I have left you all just hanging and will be back with a purpose starting today! 

A fast recap of the past couple of months: 

-Studying to be a personal trainer through ACE Fitness, hoping to also add group class teacher to that too by the end of October. 

- Fulling injuried myself in May 2 weeks before the Delaware half marathon. Jrod still ran it, but I just took a lot of pictures. New goal is to figure out another race for Delaware next year. 

-Randomly signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon later this month. My friend Suzie is coming up from Florida and we are going to run it together. Hoping my body hold up, but rehab is coming along great. 

-Reading self help business books like they are going out of style. Can’t wait to share my reviews, and tips about what I personally found to be truly helpful. 

-Tried out a new company (Modere), it’s not anything like I thought it was going to be and I am working on sending everything back later this week. Getting involved with this company really made me find my focus about how I want my journey to look like, and it’s more towards Health & Wellness products that are truly holistic. 

-Stepping up my training all around and got Beachbody’s newest workout PiYo and I LOVE IT! The first month I lost 11 inches! 

-Working on lots of projects around the house, can’t wait to share them with you all! 

-Really focusing on doTERRA and healing my body, along with helping my friends heal theirs. 

That is just a fast recap, looking forward to posting more this week! What have you all been up to this summer? 

devastating Ebola #outbreak in West #Afr

devastating Ebola #outbreak in West #Africa, but it has claimed the lives of 729 and counting. As a US researcher infected with #Ebola is set to be transported to an Atlanta, Georgia hospital within the next few days, I can’t help but feel terrified that Ebola will be in the US, no matter how much I read about the secure facility. There have been several studies that have shown the effectiveness of OnGuard at breaking down and destroying viruses, along with Oregano, Frankincense, and Cinnamon. In a #doomsday prepper fashion, I will be ordered extra bottles for my family this month.

Did you know, that there was a business

Did you know, that there was a business side to doTERRA?

doTERRA is a great company for work-at-home moms, stay at home moms, bloggers and anyone looking for supplemental income. They have the best MLM compensation plan I have ever seen with some of the top MLM earners ever (just check out the video about the compensation plan). Once you sign up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and realize how fantastic their products are and how much they help you and your family, it’s hard to not tell others about it. So many people have health problems and are struggling and looking for answers. doTERRA really fills the need with a solution for virtually every health problem you can think of.

I’ve looked in to several other direct selling opportunities and I like doTERRA the best by far.

Advantages of becoming a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA

* Sponsor and mentor other wellness advocates
* Free, Personalized web site
* Free online tools
* Earn 2-7% sales commissions
* Earn a 20% bonus on everything new IPCs purchase in the first 60 days
* Earn several different bonuses based on performance

My current offers for July: Enroll with at least 100PV and receive $50.00 in points for free, plus you will receive an essential oil diffuser sent directly from me.

This offer is for everyone that would like to join doterra in the month of July, if you are not interested in the business side – no problem the offer is extended to everyone.

Interested? Let’s chat!

Oregano and Melaleuca are both oils that

Oregano and Melaleuca are both oils that come in the Family Physician Kit! Check out this short video:

Whether you are preparing for a major catastrophe or just life’s little emergencies, there are several essential oils that you don’t want to be without:

1. Oregano: natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral
2. Lavender: great for all skin issues: cuts, burns, insect bites, rashes… and great for helping to body relax and sleep
3. OnGuard: an excellent preventative…great for daily use, safe for those with all immune profiles
4. Breathe: good for all respiratory and breathing issues
5. Deep Blue: excellent for sore joints, body aches, muscle pains and sprains
6. DigestZen: good for digestive issues and sinus issues
7. Melaleuca: first aid antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic properties.
8. Frankincense: an amazing, versatile oil that is good for so many things. When in doubt, use frankincense. Too many uses to name!
9. Peppermint. Great for pain relief, digestive issues and muscle aches. A natural fever reducer.
10. Lemon. Anti-septic properties. Lemon helps create a more alkaline state in the body. Great for inhaling, cooking and supporting the immune system.

The Family Physician Kit is basically your first aid kit and contains all of the oils mentioned above.

For July, doTERRA is offering $50 in product credit to be used on a future purchase if you sign up this month with a Family Physician Kit or any purchase of 100PV or more. I am also offering you some great freebies to help get you started. Message me for more information, and to set up your account.