Birthday Giveaway Day 5: In A Pikle

Do you ever find yourself in a pikle? Need a safety pin, hair tie, nail file, etc? Well this AMAZING and SUPER CUTE bag has it all!

The “In A Pikle” bag is the perfect companion for the busy person on-the-go. It’s unique patented design is fashionable and functional! PURCHASE with the Starter Pak of essential convenience items or fill it with the things you use most. With over 13 colors and styles, there is sure to be one to match your style.
The “In A Pikle” bag with Starter Pak comes with over 20 convenience items. Everything fits in 4 double-sided, clear, interior pouches. The pouches can be removed for cleaning or for a different cover. Fill it with your favorite gum, lozenges, or cough drops. Don’t forget to add your essential medicine or antacid. There is plenty of room in the “In A Pikle” bag to always have the things you need!
Starter Pak includes:
1 hand sanitizer pen
1 spot remover pen
3 individually wrapped antibacterial wipes
1 credit card size mirror and floss combo
1 pair of tweezers
1 pair of fingernail clippers
2 emery boards
1 travel size sewing kit
1 retractable mini scissors
1 24″ tailor tape
3 hair bands
5 rubber bands
5 bobby pins
5 safety pins
5 paper clips
1 phillips mini screw driver
1 straight mini screw driver
1 mini pen
1 “In A Pikle” sticky notebook
10 adhesive bandages
1 package travel tissues
1 pill box
Order refills quickly and easily and don’t forget to check our new convenience items including: pocket knife, sunscreen, lip balm, comb, eye glass repair kits, and more!

Today you can win your very own!

Here are the newest colors & patterns that just came out YESTERDAY!!

new spring colors


My friend Laura got one for her daughter to use for her Rainbow Loom, and it’s a HIT!


I personally use mine in my gym bag, if I forget something running from work to the gym or back it’s in there! I also used mine for my RunDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon, and RunDisney Princess Half Marathon. Both times I was ONE safety-pin short for my race bib!

Enter below to win! You can also host an online party and get your own if you don’t win. Remember to share with your friends!

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Birthday Giveaway Week: Day 3! Thrive

Good Morning,

It’s chilly here in VA this morning, but looking forward to a nice warm afternoon. For breakfast I am going to have some Thrive Steel Cut Oats and Thrive Strawberries! I can’t wait, what are you having for breakfast?

Now what is Thrive Life?

Thrive Life is a company that specializes in food storage and storage rotation. Helping families prepare for whatever tomorrow may bring, allowing them to feel confident if disaster strikes and educating people on how to become self-reliant.
Thrive Foods
Thrive Life is known for providing unsurpassed quality in all of its products, and their line of food storage is no different. THRIVE Food Storage is a premium name you can trust. Every THRIVE product has been carefully selected based on taste and quality, and we are confident that you will look forward to using THRIVE in your everyday meal planning and emergency food storage. THRIVE features a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated food options that are perfect for long-term storage.

Freeze-dried products have up to 25 year shelf life if unopened
Dehydrated products have up to 30 year shelf life if unopened
Shelf life varies per can/product (see individual cans for optimum shelf life suggestions)
All items are suitable for vegetarian diets
Wheat can be easily milled into flour, and non-milled kernels can be cooked to make a variety of recipes
Easy re-hydration instructions, useful tips, and recipes on each can

Best Quality
Thrive Life has searched the globe for only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Their foods and have been personally selected based on the strictest of standards. From the farm to your home, they personally oversee the entire THRIVE development process so you can have peace of mind knowing you are receiving the finest food storage products available.
Best Taste
Because THRIVE was developed for everyday menu planning, they have made it their mission to ensure the foods you’re eating taste great! Unlike other food storage products that get hidden away and never used, our products have been tested time and time again to verify their freshness and great taste. With THRIVE foods, great taste is the standard – not the exception.
Best Value
With a low per serving cost, THRIVE foods are a great way to save money while guaranteeing your family receives the food variety and nutrition they deserve.
Easy Preparation
Easy-to-make recipes are included on every can of THRIVE so you’ll never be left wondering how to use the food storage you buy. Your family can enjoy the best taste and nutrition possible, all of our recipes have been developed specifically for THRIVE products.
Easy Organization
Colour coded cans keep your food conveniently organized while ensuring your diet contains the proper amount of balance and variety. When used in conjunction with our Food Rotation Systems, THRIVE foods are continually rotated, guaranteeing your family receives the freshest food possible.

Today’s giveaway comes from my friend Tiffany who does Thrive,  it’s a bag of Strawberries!

Tiffany was wonderful to give me a recipe that they could be used in, just to give you an idea.

French Vanilla Crepes With White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse

1 1⁄2 c thrive instant milk, prepared
3 T thrive whole egg powder, reconstituted
2 T vanilla extract
1 1⁄2 c thrive white flour
5 T thrive white sugar, divided
1⁄2 t thrive iodized salt
5 T melted butter
1 1⁄2 c thrive freeze dried strawberries, plus rehydrating liquid (water, juice, etc.)
1 3⁄4 c heavy whipping cream
6 oz white chocolate, chopped

*In a large bowl, mix together the milk, eggs, and vanilla. Stir in the flour, 2 T sugar, salt, and melted butter until well-blended.
*Heat a sauté or crepe pan over medium heat until hot. Coat with vegetable oil or cooking spray.
*Pour about 1/4 c of batter into the pan and tip to spread the batter to the edges. When bubbles form on the top and the edges are dry, flip over, and cook until lightly-browned on the other side and edges are golden. Repeat with remaining batter.
*To make mousse, reconstitute freeze dried strawberries for 5-7 minutes in enough hot liquid to cover. Strain mixture into a small bowl. Sweeten by adding remaining sugar, then stir until sugar dissolves. Process in a blender or food processor until sauce runs smooth. Makes 1 c of sauce.
*In a heavy saucepan on low heat, warm 1/4 c heavy cream with white chocolate, stirring constantly until chocolate melts. Let mixture cool until it is lukewarm. Stir in 2 T of strawberry sauce, then transfer to a large bowl.
*In a medium bowl, whip remaining cream into soft peaks. Fold into melted chocolate mixture, one-third at a time, until no streaks remain.
*Layer mousse into crepes, and serve with the sauce.

She also uses them in her Champagne! How smart!

What are your top 3 Thrive Life products that you are interested in learning more about? Leave your comment below!


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Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend is a little different than the normal Mon-Fri 9 to 5 kind, so for me this is my Monday :)

InstagramCapture_6cf374d4-4324-4e7d-9c56-1983416fdaeb_jpg InstagramCapture_11f2765e-f762-4eb4-af58-17b0726aa559_jpg InstagramCapture_12cdfdfb-95b5-4bee-80e6-c8fcd41e61b6_jpg InstagramCapture_283e657b-85dd-470d-b1a3-ba9c756c4e9b_jpg InstagramCapture_85249b3a-c9c5-44d0-8598-c0f379fa3902_jpg WP_20140310_004 InstagramCapture_2adcb11b-8550-4fae-acaa-e2ff06c5e587_jpg InstagramCapture_20a0ba68-f198-4e0b-81f9-5941729f3319_jpg


How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the weather? We sure did :)

Giving Essential Oils for Wedding & Bridal Shower Gifts

 Many happy couples will be saying their “I do’s” this summer and odds are that most of us will be attending a wedding or two.

Why not use this opportunity to share the power of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA essential oils with the newlyweds in your life by gifting them this home care starter kit filled with natural homemade cleaning supplies?

All items in the gift basket have step-by-step tutorials on this blog. Click on the link in the item list to learn how to make them.

This Home Care Starter Kit Includes:

resize 1

Window Cleaner: 16 oz. Spray Bottle, 1 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup distilled water, 8 drops of any citrus oil of your choice

Wood Polish: 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, 10 drops Wild Orange or Lemon essential oils

All Purpose Cleaner: 16 oz. glass spray bottle, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 3/4 cups water, 30 drops Lemon essential oil, 1 teaspoon borax

resize 4

Toilet Soft Scrub: 3/4 rounded cup baking soda, 1/4 cup liquid castile soap, 1 tablespoon water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 5-10 drops Lemon essential oil

Mattress Cleaner: 1 cup baking soda, 10 drops Lavender essential oil

Air Freshener: 1/4 cup baking soda, 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil

resize 6

Dryer Balls

resize 5

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate: Item No. 3814

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash with 2 Foaming Dispensers: Item No. 3807

resize 7

Make Sure to Include Essential Oils so They Can Make Their Own Cleaning Supplies:

Lemon Essential Oil: Item No. 3012

On Guard Essential Oil: Item No. 3110

Lavender Essential Oil: Item No. 3011

Wild Orange Essential Oil: Item No. 3017

resize 8

Assorted Cleaning Supplies:


Scrub Brush


Other Recommended Gift Ideas:

resize 7

Family Physical Kit: Item No. 3279

Introductory Kit: Item No. 3218

resize 2

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online,  or connect with me at for more information on how to earn 100pv of FREE doTERRA’s products! 


Shakeology Recipes for February 4th!

Yesterday was a CRAZY day with the kickoff of Beachbody’s newest workout program, The 21Day Fix. It’s a 30 min a day, 7 day a week program that includes meal planning & portion controlled meals.

21-day-fix 1544608_10152191687279771_570934516_n

It also includes SHAKEOLOGY! I have to tell you, we got the newest trio flavor box last week and we love it! I was already a huge fan of the new chocolate & vanilla flavors, the strawberry rocks it though. I am not even a strawberry fan, but Jrod let me have a little bit of his and I was hooked! The trio box will be on our monthly order from now on!







I 100% understand that putting down all that money upfront for Shakeology is very scary, here is my favorite price breakdown:


Going to re think that daily Starbucks now?

Now here are our top recipes for the week:

Strawberry Ginger: 

1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology, 1 cup Almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp. ground ginger, & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

Strawberry Kiwi: 

1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology, 1 cup water, 1 medium kiwi peeled and cut into pieces, & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

Vanilla Almond Fudge: 

1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology, 1 cup Almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1 Tbsp Almond butter, & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

Chocolate Covered Cherries: My all time fav!

1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology, 1 cup Almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 cup black cherries (pitted), & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

Vanilla Chai:

1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology, 1 cup brewed Chai tea cooled, 1 tsp raw honey, 1/2 tsp. ground allspice, & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

Vanilla Cake Batter: 

1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology, 1 cup Almond milk, 1/2 cup cherries (pitted), 1/2 cup pineapple & a handful of ice. Blend & serve!

What are you top Shakeology Recipes?

Meal Planning with a snow storm

Good Day!

We are on day 2 of lock down here in the Virginia Beach area and I am playing catch up on different projects around the house! If you have to stay home, you might as well buckle down and knock out the non fun stuff so when the weather is better you can enjoy it. That is at least my frame of mind.




FREE PRINTABLE! Just click on it!

Here is our meals for the week, I am including the ones from earlier in the week just give you all an idea. This weeks grocery list was HUGE due to not shopping for the past two weeks, it was a lot of stocking up on basics/ staples. That is what Jrod eats when I am not around, the emergency food.

Monday: Eggs w/ bacon, Moe’s, Pork Chops w chunky apple sauce & baked beans

Tuesday: Oatmeal, beef & broccoli, Tequila Chicken w/ quinoa, sweet potatoes, & kale

Wednesday: Hash w/ eggs, Burgers on a Pretzel bun w/ sweet potatoes fries, left overs

Thursday: Eggs w/ sweet potatoes cakes, Burgers on a Pretzel bun w/ sweet potatoes fries, Albondigas soup 

Friday: Oatmeal, Pasta w/ veggies in olive oil, Soup

Saturday: Oatmeal, Pasta w/ veggies, Soup



What is on your plan for the week?

Keep warm during a snow day: Albondigas Soup

Jrod only makes a handful of meal; this is not saying that he can’t cook, because he can & amazing at that, but he just doesn’t want to most of the time. Albondigas soup is a Mexican Meatball Soup, this recipe is adapted from Barefeet in the Kitchen, it was the only one my Jrod half way likes. This soup is up there with his Chicken Tortilla Soup, which I am swore to secret to keep the recipe silent.

Secret to this soup: FRESH MINT!


Albondigas Soup ~ Mexican Meatball Soup
Yield: 12 servings

1 teaspoon  olive oil
1 very large yellow onion, chopped small, about 2 cups
2 large cloves garlic, minced
96 oz beef broth
1 28 oz can tomato sauce
1 teaspoon chili powder
Fresh MINT chopped
1 lb ground beef
1/2 lb ground pork
2 eggs
1/2 cup uncooked rice
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
6 carrots bite size
1 bunch of Kale
1 can of Hominy, love this in soup!


Heat the oil in a large soup pot. Add the onions and saute over medium high heat until translucent. Add the garlic and continue cooking until the onions are lightly browned. Add the broth, tomato sauce, carrots, chili powder and 1 tsp fresh mint and bring to a boil.


Combine the beef, pork, rice, eggs, remaining mint, salt and pepper. Use your hands to mix it together gently, but thoroughly. Use a teaspoon or a small scoop to make 60-80 small meatballs. Scoop a small amount, roll it into a ball and carefully drop it into the soup pot. Stir very gently after every few meatballs, just to make sure none of them are sitting on the bottom. (Once they start to cook, the meatballs will float on the top.)



After all the meatballs have been added, simmer an additional 30 minutes. (If you are adding more vegetables, add them at this time, ie: Hominy.) Save the kale for later though!


When the soup is almost ready, tear up the washed kale into bite size pieces and add for the last couple of minutes. I personal find that I LOVE kale in soups, it replaces the cracker crunch for me completely. Also it’s a sneaky way to get in more vegetables.

Hope you enjoy this soup as much as we do! What is your go to soups on a cold winter day?