Birthday Giveaway week: Day TWO doTERRA Essential Oils Spring/Summer Healthy Kickoff

Day two! I have to ask, what did you think of day one’s giveaway? I mean who doesn’t want to protect themselves and look stylish while doing it?!?

Birthday Giveaways

Now on to Day Two giveaway:

doTERRA Essential Oils!

As you know I am a HUGE believer in these products and joined the company last September. Since then my team has grown to over 140 people and more join everyday. Why do I use doTERRA it’s simple, it’s a natural way to heal your body. I 100% believe in them, working with sick children day in and day out I am surrounded by tons of germs, but nothing has gotten me more than a 24 hour bed. While my co-workers will be out for days, I fight it off without using chemicals and feel amazing.

I have done a couple different doTERRA essential oils giveaways on here before, so this one I wanted to make special. I made my own little intro into Spring/Summer Healthy kick off kit, it includes:

OnGuard Toothpaste

OnGuard Laundry Detergent

OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

The new Triease Allergy Pills

This mean no more of this happening in our house!!

making a allergy pill

making a allergy pill

doTERRA Terra Shield all natural bug repellant

and lastly

doTERRA Slim & Sassy new soft gel pills! I got myself a bottle of these too!

This all totals to over $100 in FREE products! Here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About alisueonthemove

I am an early thirty's girl trying to get back on track with balancing my diet, working out, friends, and my job.
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16 Responses to Birthday Giveaway week: Day TWO doTERRA Essential Oils Spring/Summer Healthy Kickoff

  1. laurabkelley says:

    Love love love doterr!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this!!

  3. They would all be awesome but mostly I would love the TerraShield. Gotta keep the bugs away during all the summer outdoors time!

  4. Karen Niemczura says:

    Especially like lavender :)

  5. Beki says:

    I would LOVE the TerraSheild!!!

  6. manda says:

    Love to try the hair mask.

  7. Jenny Roselius says:

    I’d really love to try Peppermint, Frankenscense or Lavender!

  8. Tiffiny Duke says:

    I would love to try it all!! I heard the toothpaste is awesome and great for kids. I really want to try the tooth paste on my 2 year old because she likes to swallow the Crest I currently use and this is so bad!

  9. Dawn King says:

    I have been wanting to try these oils heard such great things!

  10. Erica says:

    I would love some clary sage. they say it helps alot with pms

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