Week 21 of Couch to Half Marathon Training!

Listening to my friends blog/ podcast: Ear Candy Update throw back to Christmas 2011.  as I write this post this morning. I love this mix of Christmas songs, good balance of old & new with great comedy in the breaks. Check out the end of this post for a holiday surprise!


We are on week 21 of Digital training couch to half marathon, only 3 more weeks to go after this! 31 days on the RunDisney countdown!  I need to really figure out my outfit for RunDisney Tinkerbell ASAP!


Week 21:

Sunday: Steady Jog for 3 miles

Monday: LesMills Combat 60 Live  & abs 

Tuesday: Run 2 miles, walk 2 minutes for 6 miles

Wednesday: LesMills Combat Upper Body Blow Out 

Thursday: Steady Jog for 3 miles

Friday: Jog 1 mile, walk 1 minute for 10 miles!!

Saturday: LesMills Combat 45 

Check out my post about doing Beachbody workouts on a budget and my LesMills Combat 60 day review! 

GIVEAWAY TIME! This one is going to be a fast one!

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4 thoughts on “Week 21 of Couch to Half Marathon Training!

  1. Good luck with your training as you lead into the half marathon. How did you figure out the run-walk intervals? I’m curious because I’ll be using a Galloway run-walk-run early next year and I think I’m going to walk every two or three minutes

  2. My biggest health goal for 2014 is to be smart about my goals- make them attainable to achieve success. To recognize that I am not going to get it perfect and that it will be slow and steady. To eat healthier and move more!

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