Restaurant Review: Whitner’s BBQ

This was one of the first local restaurants we went to when we first got here to Virginia Beach, but I was so hungry that day that I eat all my food before realizing that I hadn’t taken any pictures. This time I remembered to take pictures of the food, but the place was JAMIN so I didn’t want to take any of the actual place. We found this place through our hit and miss man, Guy on DDD, glad to say that Whitner’s BBQ is a WINNER!

First off, you know it, they have a chalk board menu! Loving it!

Here is a picture of the menu from their website.
Here is a picture of the menu from their website.

If you are looking for amazing BBQ this is it! I know what you are thinking, Ali you just came from Texas are you sure that you want to say this, YES! I have had their turkey and their brisket and both have been amazing! Jrod is in love with their ribs! He says they have a very good amount of meat on them, and that is what everyone wants. One of our favorite bonuses of Whitner’s BBQ is the amount of sauces you can pick from! Jrod comes back to the table every time with a handful for us to mix and match with.

Last time we where there we had:
This is mine, it’s a hot open-faced brisket sandwich!! Everything is amazing, I can’t even tell you what my favorite part of the meal was because every part is just as good as the other.

This is Jrod’s, he always takes forever and a day to order so I just go and get my drink. I don’t know if it was a meal or not, but it’s brisket, ribs, green beans, dirty rice, and cornbread. You can see one of the sauces at in the top of the picture, there were more they were just between us.

If you are looking for a place to home cooked, comfort food, this is the spot! Please if you stop by add your comment to the bottom and let me know what you think of the place.

<a href="Whitner's BBQ on Urbanspoon“>BBQ

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