Review of: The Cutting Edge Cafe

I found The Cutting Edge Cafe using my favorite phone app, Urbanspoon. I just love the shake option to find restaurants.

The Cutting Edge Cafe has a very unique and friendly feeling when you walk in the door. The WHOLE menu is on a chalk board, which for me always means it’s going to be amazing! You order at the counter and then go find a seat. I wish I would have taken pictures of the inside because the set up, tables, and colors were just so amazing. I felt like we had come across a secret place in someone’s house and they were cooking just for us.

Jrod had the Wasabi Braised Beef Panini with Sesame Noodles, while I had the Avocado Club with Sesame Noodles. Both were amazing, the sandwiches were served nice and hot, while the noodles were cool but not super cold. You can get to watch them make your sandwich along with prepping all the ingredients, which you can tell are all in-house made if possible.

2013-01-30 15.31.25

If you are in the Chesapeake Virginia area I would have to tell you to hit this one up for a local hidden winner!

<a href="The Cutting Edge Cafe on Urbanspoon“>The Cutting Edge Cafe

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