April Adventures!

HELLO!! I have missed you all so much!! I thought of you all of April and have some amazing blogs coming at you, I just have to get them organized. I just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello and give you all a run down of April.

1) Easter weekend…. what the heck!?! It was super crazy at work and the big bosses talked about it afterwards and decided that Easter is now a FULL holiday weekend…. really…. thank you because I couldn’t have told you that LAST YEAR!!! *sigh*

2) We are getting stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. I found out while working Good Friday and started to cry in the middle of the Lobby of my hotel. It was just crazy, we are SO happy though I could have 100% lived with Hawaii too.

3) I had to work on my birthday for the first time in almost 10 years, I was not a happy camper at first, but it turned into the best day ever thanks to my amazing staff and amazing co-workers.

4) To top off my birthday Jrod finally did it! He didn’t tell anyone until about an hour before he picked up the ring. That’s right!!! He asked me to marry him after almost 4 years together! I freaked and cried like a crazy woman.

5) Work got crazy! All the holidays of the next two months were due and it had to be 90% new stuff and amazing. I was going crazy in my closet of an office.

6) My parents came out and we had a BLAST!!! I can’t wait to post the pictures and video’s. Drinking and video gaming were on the plate everyday. It rocked!

That is just a quick run down of what April Adventures I had…. more in-depth to come!

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