‘Justice League: Doom’ DVD Review


I am so excited for this review! I have this on my wish list to watch next month. Thank you for the review!!!

Originally posted on Funk's House of Geekery:

Director: Lauren Montgomery

Cast: Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion

Plot: Superhero organisation the Justice League come under fire when arch-villain Vandal Savage learns of techniques to take each of them out of action before unleashing his master plan. The plot thickens when the League learn that the techniques were devised by one of their own.

Review: Both the DC and Marvel companies have been successful of late with recent releases of new animated features, drawing in a strong cast of vocal talents and pleasing their fanbases with in-depth stories and quality action. I’m not a big viewer of these animated movies unless they are directly related to Batman, but the story of this piece got my attention. Based on the JL story ‘Tower of Babel’ it delved into the mind of the Dark Knight, bringing his paranoia and his need to plan for every contingency.

This version of the…

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