Are you happy in your current career path?

One of my favorite new sites is Stratejoy: Conquer Your Quarterlife Crisis, I love it!! They have a couple of woman going through different kinds of crisis. Blogger Laura just posted an amazing one about jobs. It’s called For Anyone Who Feels Miserable In Their Job.

After reading it I was inspired to dive head first into my school work for Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This is my backup for my career that I thought I would be doing many more years than it looks like I will be. I LOVE food, it is a love/hate relationship that has been going on in my life since I was in high school. I am one of the worst in which I eat when I am super stressed but I am also someone who eats when I am bored I also eat. I use to eat my parents out of house and home when summer came during my high school years. I would just sit home all day, watching t.v., and eating oreo’s or what ever I junk food I could get my hands on. Then school would start and I walked 1 mile each way to/from school, and had to run 2 miles a day in gym class. All the weight that I would pack on during the summer would just melt off, well let me tell you it’s no longer that way. I have fought and conquered the boredom eating, but my stress eating is my main focus right now. I am extremely stressed out a good amount of the time at work so I just inhale twix, oreos, ice cream, etc. I have really been doing well since the start of March and can feel the difference in my body. I have also started doing the 21 day cleanse by Crazy, Sexy, Diet. If you haven’t gotten this book yet, you really need to the information in it is amazing! All of it makes logically sense too, which is a rare thing if you ask me.

What is your backup in life from what you are currently doing? What inspired you to make this your backup? If you don’t have a backup do what I did. Sit down one day after an AWFUL day at your current job and think if you could do anything with your passions what would you do. I don’t care if you would never be able to do it, just write it DOWN! Then look back at everything you wrote and really think what would I be happy doing everyday? Now narrow it down more and start to research what you need to do to follow that new career path, and see what would be the best two for you to do. I have a backup plan for my backup plan, otherwise know as plan C. Hope that this inspires you to take that leap and find a great work life balance where you will be happy a good about of your time.

Question of the night:
What is your plan B? C? D?

Now a peak into my recipe page:
Howsweeteats: Root Beer Float Cupcakes!! You MUST follow her, I don’t know where she comes up with half of her recipes, but they are AMAZING!!

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